Cyehra from Koumori Cosplay

Hi! I am Cyehra from Koumori Cosplay. You will find different cosplay content on my web-site. I show you my way of making high quality costumes, teach you my techniques and share my costume-hacks.

Many of my cosplays was inspired by my favorite characters in my favorite games like Diablo III and WoW. Cosplay take a lot of my time and it`s hard to be on same level with friends that play a lot, but boosting services can help with it a lot. When wow classic was released my friends reach high levels really fast, I even thought to not start, but then boosthive release new service for wow classic power leveling, so I reach friends pretty fast.

The last years i made a lot of experience in create awesome cosplays. No challenge is to big and i still learn new stuff every day.